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Year-Long Traffic Jam From Baneshwor To Thankot Clears As C-Lu Moves To Australia — What’s Next For The Queen Of Blind Date?

Shailaj G.C.
10th March 2022 Read time: 2 mins

Finally, a traffic jam that lasted for more than a year from Baneshwor to Thankot has slowly seemed to clear out. With the news of our Blind Date Queen Shilu Pokhrel a.k.a. C-LU getting her Australian visa, a long line of boys waiting to meet their crush have finally decided to call it quits. The year-long traffic jam caused by a line of boys waiting to meet C-Lu  has finally cleared up as the admirers have started heading home.



C-Lu’s admirers hadn’t lost hope even after news broke about her marriage with Goldie. Over the last year, her admirers made sure to put on masks and maintained safe distancing during the peak of the COVID pandemic. The determination that these admirers had shown made it seem like nothing was going to clear out the huge traffic jam.  But more than anyone else, it seems the news of C-LU getting her Australian visa came as a shocker for Devendra Raj Pandey.



On the bright side, the traffic from Baneshwor to Thankot is starting to go back to normal. Also, Kiran Khati a.k.a. Goldie’s going to be joining our Blind Date Queen as a dependent. This could mean that a new gold shop is going to be inaugurated in Australia by a young Nepali entrepreneur.


Meanwhile, gossips about a Blind Date: International Edition with C-Lu and Goldie as the hosts has hit the market. This could only mean one thing — Love Island Australia has got a huge competition in the country. If the rumors are true, Love Island’s viewership is going get a serious blow after finally getting a worthy competitor.


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