POLL: If You Had To Choose, Which Famous Nepali Actors/Actresses Would You Date? Let’s Find Out

Celebrities make their living through their popularity and likeability. The more a celebrity is liked, the more successful they are. The same thing applies to celebrity actors and actresses. But what if you were forced to choose between one of two really popular celebrities?


Below, we have a collection of Nepali actor and actress duos. Imagine if someone held a gun against your head, and forced you to go on a date with one of them — from each duo. Which actors and actors would you choose to date? Let's find out! 

  • Whom would you choose? Megastar or Megastar-Maker?

  • What if you had to go one a date with one-half of the MaHa jodi?

  • An over-the-top boyfriend or a down-to-earth partner?

  • Imagine if you HAD to go on one date with one of these two, at the threat of death.

  • Odd duo, but let’s just see the results!

  • Choose between two hunks with a penchant for gangster films.

  • If you could go on a date with one of these two besties…?

  • Tough choice?

  • Both of them known as paragons of gentility, but you have to choose only one.

  • Finally, who would you choose from this dynamic duo?

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