POLL: What Would You Do If You Had 10 Crore Rupees?

If you had all the money in the world, how would you spend it? Would you buy a spanking new car? Buy a new bungalow on King’s Way? Or a plate of chowmein to celebrate the newfound financial security in your life? 


Most of us have little idea of what truly makes us happy in life. But not Hira Gupta. The newest viral sensation in town, Hira has wowed everyone with the clarity he has about his life. The man knows exactly what makes him happy in life, and it’s simply a plate of chowmein. 


Most of us would be glad to have that kind of clarity in life. So, here’s a small poll — let’s see if you are really clear about the things that make you happy! 


So, here’s a small poll — let’s see how well you know your own happiness. Choose what you would buy if you suddenly found 10 crore rupees?

  • What would be the first thing you do?

  • How would you look to upgrade your transportation options?

  • You can now live anywhere in Nepal! Choose your living options.

  • Well, this occasion certainly calls for a special vacation. Where would you go?

  • What would you do about your tax situation?

  • A shopping spree would have to be on the cards. Which brand store would you visit first?

  • Brand new gadgets is also a must-have. Choose your brand!

  • You surely need some good investments now that you’re rich. Choose your investment strategy!

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