A Rule Of Thumb: Professional CoD Player Retires After Career-Ending Thumb Injury

The esports industry has certainly brought us many surprises. Who would’ve thought that one day we’d get to see a billion-dollar industry built around playing video games? 


Unfortunately, one not-so-happy surprise has come to the world of esports through pro gamer Thomas Paparatto. Paparatto, who is a professional “Call of Duty” gamer, had to announce his retirement on Tuesday because of an ongoing thumb and wrist injury.


Due to this injury, Paparatto, who plays under the moniker “ZooMaa”, can no longer continue his career in competitive gaming. He has not made any announcements regarding if-or-when he will be returning.



“Playing through the weakness and pain in my hand just isn’t possible anymore,” Paparatto wrote in his announcement.


His injury is shedding light on a side of the industry that we’ve not encountered before.


Paparatto’s injury might not seem as bad as the injuries seen in other competitive sports, but it only gives more credit to the serious nature of the esports industry.




For most of its runtime, the esports industry has lacked the credit of people accepting it as an actual career or a sport. Injuries like these show common folks that esports is just as much of a sport as any other.


We can say with ease, It is time to accept that gaming has made its way into the mainstream and taken the spot it deserves.


What do you think about Paparatto’s career-ending injury? Tell us in the comments!


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