Nepali Clubs Fail to Qualify For AFC Club Competitions

Rubik Joshi
2nd December 2020

Nepali football scene still has a long way to go in order to achieve any sort of commercial success. With the likes of the Indian Super League (ISL) happening annually, along with their matured yet eye-catching transfers and recruits, it seems like Nepali football fans still have to wait for years to enjoy any sort of entertainment that you may find in a normal English Premier League Gameweek. This was clearly evident when reports of Nepalese clubs being unable to participate in any AFC Club Competitions emerged today.


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According to, Nepalese football clubs will not be able to participate in any AFC club competitions because none of the domestic clubs have met the criteria of the AFC Club Licensing. As stated in the AFC Club Licensing Regulations, there are many criteria that a club must attain in order to partake in the international club competitions like infrastructure criteria, personnel & administrative criteria, legal criteria, financial criteria. Sadly, none of the domestic clubs here have been able to comply with the AFC Club Licensing Standards.


ANFA’s First Instant Body (FIB) had rejected applications from 13 A Division Clubs on Monday. None of the participating clubs were able to achieve their targets. The pandemic has already been hard enough on these footballers and now this.


AFC had also fined ANFA, last time, for endorsing the clubs who didn't meet the given criteria. The AFC Champions League is currently happening and it would be a huge honor for any of our domestic clubs to represent the nation at such a huge stage. When will we be able to witness that in action? What do you guys think? Let us know.


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