10 Mainstream Bikes Ranked from Affordable to Kidney Bechera Ni Audaina

Shailaj G.C.
9th March 2022 Read time: 8 mins

Motorcycles have become a major interest of Nepalis in recent years. Every other Nepali teenager you meet is a passionate riderboi. While motorcycles were mostly a medium of transportation in the past, these days they have started to become objects of passion too. And while some bikes are both affordable and cost-effective to maintain, there are bikes for whose cost you could probably buy a small hill in Kathmandu.


Here, we rank some famous motorcycles based on their price — from the affordable to the not-so-pocket-friendly.


Hero Super Splendor 125cc (Rs 2,20,000)


Let’s start with the most reasonable, pocket friendly bike in Nepal i.e., Splendor. It is both affordable and easy to maintain. Hero is very considerate compared to other bike companies when it comes to maintenance cost and mileage. You could fill just a liter of petrol and go on a long ride in this machine. Forget about getting a car, you could fit your whole family of 4 on this bike.  



Honda CB Hornet 160 R ( Rs 3,39,000)


If you’re looking for something that is both economical and a bit stylish then this might just be the thing you’re looking for. On the plus point, most bike parts by Honda are quite durable too and might last a lifetime so you need not to worry about reliability.



Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 ABS (Rs 3,69,900)


Here comes the most affordable and famous naked bike of Nepal. You get a 200cc racing beast along with ABS at such a reasonable price. Any time you drive by the famous Sallaghari road at Bhaktapur, you’ll surely meet up with a squid rider zooming by on one of these bad bois. 



Hero Xpulse 200 (Rs 4,03,500)


This bike hit the skies as soon as it came out in the Nepali market. Cause why not? It’s a dual-sport bike which means that is good in all on roads, off roads as well as low-quality, half-pitched half gravelly roads of our country. This bike could also be used as a tourer with just a few upgrades. On the sad part, Xpulse is cheaper in India compared to Pulsar NS but, it’s the opposite here. Nevertheless, this bike feels like it was made for the roads of Nepal when you ride it.



Yamaha R15 V3 BS6 (Rs 5,14,900)


Here’s another beast that once dominated the Nepali market for a long time. A very reliable bike compared to other sports bikes on the market, the R15 has a lot of upgrades over its previous versions. Five lakhs is a huge amount for a 155cc bike but again, that’s what you get for living in a country with a high import tax. The cost of maintaining this bike is just a bit higher compared to the ones mentioned above.



Royal Enfield Classic 350 (Rs 5,48,000)


No matter the price, people still buy this bike without any complaints. Why you may ask……because it has got Royal in its name. It’s not just that, you start acting and feel royal as soon as you get on this bike. The only problem is, maintaining something that is royal surely isn’t cheap. Some people complain that owning this bike is like petting an elephant, it just eats a lot of your hard-earned $$. Or maybe is it just your Royal Enfield showroom mechanic scamming you? Maybe try to be there during your next servicing and see if the bill comes cheaper this time.



Duke 200 (Rs 6,59,000)


Duke might just be the most popular bike series by KTM in the Nepali market. It has got great looks, great performance, and great maintenance cost too. If you’re looking to get a girlfriend or a boyfriend, this bike might just be for you.



Crossfire RM 250 (Rs 7,48,000)


The dream dirt bike with two loud exhausts of every posey Nepali teenager. You could buy a motard version and go race with a naked/sports bike or get the dirt version and climb a steep hill on this thing. This bike does have a good suspension and is great according to its performance. But if you're looking at this bike as a daily driver, you'd be sorely disappointed. Even though this beast is really fun to ride, don’t turn your dream of buying a dirt bike into a reality if you want a bike for normal everyday use. It’s not just about the money but time too as you’ll surely have to visit its showroom every once in a while if you want to maintain this bike well.



Honda CRF300L (Rs 17,50,000)


You could own a whole showroom of Hero Super Splendor bikes rather than buying a single  Honda Crf300L. You’ll find more of the 250cc version of this bike as the CRF 300L version has just been recently introduced to the market. Surprisingly, despite its price this bike is almost always out of stock in it’s showroom. Maybe someone should make a call at Honda and tell them to import more of this mean machine.



Ducati Monster (Rs 40,90,000)


Sell both of your kidneys and you might just be able to pay for its yearly maintenance fee. Thinking about buying it? Call up all your friend’s and family for their kidney’s and you’ll surely buy its cheapest version which starts at this price. What do you expect from something with monster in its name itself? But with 937cc engine displacement, the name does suit this motorbike.



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