9 Most Popular 250 cc Bikes In Nepal

Rajiv Prajapati
16th July 2021 Read time: 3 mins

It’s no secret that the market for motorcycles has grown dramatically in recent years. Manufacturers are increasingly daring in terms of the models they introduce to the market, as enthusiasts want a go at every variation there is.


The 250 cc engine segment is a particularly precious one in all of this, because it allows the customers the perfect balance between power, fun, and economy in Nepal’s narrow streets. So, here are 9 most popular 250 cc motorcycles in Nepal — alongside 4 that are sorely missing. 


Honda CBR 250R


For many years, the Honda CBR 250R was the only quarter-liter option available for auto enthusiasts in Nepal. Today, with many more options in the market, it still retains a very unique reputation. For those who own them, the CBR250R is one of the most reliable bikes that are out there.


Price: Rs 6,79,900



Suzuki Gixxer SF 250 


When it was first launched, the Suzuki Gixxer SF was available only in the 150 cc version and took a market position as the most economical motorcycle with a sports fairing. 


In 2021, Suzuki has a capable 250 cc engine powering a naked and a sports version of the Gixxer. You get the most up-to-date technology in this bike, with the added advantage of saving nearly 2 lakhs over the CBR 250R.


Price: Rs 4,98,900



Yamaha FZ25


At one point, the FZ16 had become the trusted steed for many a young rider. As more and more exciting two-wheeler choices began to appear, though, the market felt a sore need for something more powerful. Something that would fill the magical quarter-liter segment at a reasonable price.


The Yamaha FZ25 was released at the right time to fill this need, and has remained a popular choice for anyone looking for a ride in this engine segment. It is well-known for its characteristic grunt and its mid-range performance makes it the perfect choice for city riders.


Price: Rs 4,42,900



KTM Duke 250


KTMs are a wildly popular breed amongst the riding enthusiasts. And to suit their needs, this company offers just what they need. The Duke 250 holds its own against its two siblings, the Duke 200 and the 390. Although it has less power than the 390, it is known to have a far more exciting engine character than the 200.


Price: Rs 6,74,400



CFMoto NK250


CFMoto is an Australian company with close ties to KTM — they have in fact partnered to develop several big bikes together. So, in a way, you can call the NK250 a close cousin to the Duke 250. 


You get different styling characteristics and different priorities on features. The NK250 is a fun motorcycle that promises some top-of-the-line features like the TFT display which is still missing from its KTM counterpart.


Price: Rs 5,25,500



Bajaj Dominar 250 


The Bajaj Dominars borrowed engines from KTM to produce its own take on a quarter-liter naked touring motorcycle. Well, the Dominar 250 does just that with a complete focus on riding comfort and safety features. In fact, it weighs a whopping 180 kgs which is quite hefty for this engine segment. 


Price: Rs 5,25,500



Crossfire GR7 250


For dirt riding enthusiasts in Nepal, Crossfire is something of a holy grail. The GR7 250 is arguably the best dirt bike available here, and it packs quite a punch. It weighs a mere 106 kgs, and rushes with the fury of a full 30 bhp — quite impressive!


Price: Rs 5,45,000



Husqvarna 250


The Husky is yet another motorcycle based on the powerful KTM engine. Husqvarna released its two futuristic machines, the Svartpilen 250 and the Vitpilen 250, in Nepal last year. These motorcycles are unlike anything else found on the road, and exceedingly pretty. The Vitpilen also has the distinction of being the only naked two-wheeler model in Nepal that has clip-on handlebars.


Price: Rs 5,89,900 



Italjet Buccaneer 250i


The Buccaneer 250i is a very unique machine with a small engine. It is a completely retro-styled motorcycle with a 250 cc v-twin engine. Needless to say, it has a super elegant look and easily stands out. Despite the odd configurations, this motorcycle has been thriving in Nepal for the past couple of years.


Price: Rs 5,50,000



Popular 250 cc Bikes Missing From The Nepali Market


While we have been getting some exciting two-wheeler choices in Nepal in recent days, there are still some amazing bikes in this segment that are nowhere close to being launched in Nepal. Here are some motorcycles in the 250 cc segment that are missing from the Nepali market. 


Honda CBR 250RR


The one ‘R’ makes all the difference — the CBR 250RR is the cooler, edgier sibling of the CBR 250R. While the 250R has stayed almost the same for many years, the RR comes with top-of-the-line livery.


The 250RR is actually powered by a twin-cylinder engine making it good for 25 Nm of torque and 41 HP of power. This bike has a top speed that is close to 180 km/h and all the top-class features like riding modes and USD forks. 



Suzuki GSX-250R


The Gixxer 250’s may derive their names from Suzuki’s GSXR product line, but they aren’t exactly designed as racing bikes. Suzuki has a whole different product for that — the GSX-250R. The story here is quite similar to that of the CBR 250RR, as the GSX-250R is a twin-cylinder engine that focuses on performance.


And we have yet to see this bike in Nepal.



Kawasaki Ninja 250


Sports bike enthusiasts would definitely appreciate the Ninja 250 launching in Nepal, but we have had no such luck. As the little brother in the flagship Ninja product line, it would definitely command a high price if it ever launched in Nepal. But, the performance of the bike would be well-worth it for the enthusiasts.



KTM RC 250


Although KTM has launched the Duke 250 as a much-needed middle ground between its 200 and 390 models, we are yet to receive the same option for KTM’s sport model, the RC. Motorcyclists would definitely appreciate greater choice in the quarter-liter segment, especially if it’s from a highly regarded brand such as KTM.



Well, these are just some of the popular 250 cc motorcycles in Nepal — and some that are missing from here. Which is your favorite bike in this segment? Follow us and let us know in the comments. 


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