9 Tips For Buying A Secondhand Bike In Nepal

Rajiv Prajapati
23rd June 2021 Read time: 3 mins


Purchasing a motorcycle on the second-hand market is a daunting task. On the one hand, you can get some appealing options for a fraction of the price. On the other, you really can’t be sure of what deal you’re getting.


Knowing what things to look out for when you go out hunting for a second-hand ride can definitely help you get the right deal. By finding the right motorcycle, you simply avoid years of hassle in the future. So, here are tips on buying a secondhand bike in Nepal. 


Go For Trusted Recondition Shops As Far As Possible




These days, there are plenty of secondhand marketplaces online to search for a secondhand ride. You can even find local motorcycle listings on the Facebook Marketplace.


But if you know a trusted recondition shop, then try to get your motorcycle there as far as possible. They’re professionals who’ve been doing it as their jobs for many years. And if they’re trustworthy people, you can easily get a good deal from them.


Vehicle Paperwork And Usage History




The first thing you need to do after narrowing down an option is to make sure all the paperwork is in order. You don’t want to be conned by small-time criminals who are trying to pawn off stolen goods. And yes, that does happen here in Nepal.


You will also want to ask the owner about their riding history. Has the motorcycle been used only for daily commutes? Maybe the owner is fond of long rides, or has a habit of riding particularly brash. All of these should impact your purchase decision.


Find Out The Going Rates For Your Desired Model




The best place to do this is to simply pop into a vehicle workshop that you know of, and talk to the mechanics there. By learning the going rates for your desired model, you can better understand what’s going behind the scenes with every bike posting out there.


That is because if an offer appears too good to be true, it probably is. 


Check The Body Covers





Now comes the part that everyone eventually does when they’re buying secondhand goods. But when you’re looking at a secondhand motorcycle, you’re specifically on the lookout for signs the vehicle might not be performing its best.


Look for tell-tale scratches and dents that may point to possible accidents that the bike may have been involved in. Welding in odd areas is also a tell-tale sign of a motorcycle that has seen some rough days. 


You should also check for rusting, especially around the battery area — this points to a leaking battery.


Check The Handlebar Movement




Moving the handlebars seems like the obvious thing to do when you sit on a bike to inspect it. But, the handlebars can tell you a lot about what a motorcycle has been through.


You see, the handlebars are one of the common parts of the motorcycle to be affected in accidents. If the handlebars don’t turn as smoothly, then that’s a sign that this vehicle has been through some rough moments.


Check The Brakes




The brakes are the primary safety mechanism in a motorcycle. You don’t want to come away with a machine with brakes that have basically been sanded down. You would simply have purchased a walking liability at that point.


Check for the smoothness of the brake levers, the brake calipers, and markings on the brake rotor itself. If the lines on the brake rotors are too harsh, the motorcycle probably has seen some hard riding.


Check The Tires




The tires tell the story of what a motorcycle has been through. So, don’t neglect to check the tires. You’re not just looking for how worn the tires are, but also for how hard the motorcycle has been ridden.


If the tires are worn out all the way to the edge, then that motorcycle has probably been ridden quite hard. 

Do A Cold Start On The Engine




An engine will show its true nature when you do a cold start. Any motorcycle will perform reasonably well after warming up. So, insist on doing a cold start on the motorcycle you are checking out.


The Test Ride




Finally, you’re going to be taking the bike out for a test ride. You’ll naturally notice the throttle response, brakes, and the sort. In order to test the bike properly, however, you want to ride it at all different speed ranges — slow, medium, and fast speeds.


Notice if there are any inconsistencies with the way the bike revs at all those points. This way, you can truly know how the motorcycle behaves at all times. 


You also want to keep an ear out for any unwanted noises which may point to some serious issues hiding within the motorcycle.

Well, these are some of the things you can look out for when buying a secondhand bike in Nepal. What are some tests that you find important while purchasing a motorcycle? Follow us and let us know in the comments.


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