Tips On Buying Your First Car In Nepal

Rajiv Prajapati
28th July 2021 Read time: 3 mins

Four-wheelers are becoming increasingly attractive in Nepal, a development that sits in line with a rapidly growing automobile sector. Anyone looking to buy a new car in Nepal will find a lot of choices, and some amazing features at a great rate. 


But for those looking to buy their first car, the market might prove to be somewhat intimidating. With numerous choices and a maze of features to consider, the first-time buyer definitely has to be careful.


So, here are 5 comprehensive tips on buying your first car in Nepal. 


Think About Your Needs


As you’re starting to narrow down your options, you have three basic options in front of you. There are three major types of four-wheelers — hatchbacks, sedans, and SUVs. 


Typically, hatchbacks are the most budget option, and also the most versatile. They have a relatively smaller size, making them a good choice for new drivers. At the same time, a good hatchback also has good boot space, making them good for chores. 




Meanwhile, SUVs typically have a higher entry cost but offer much greater size and comfort. By definition, they are built for off-road adventures. So, they have superior suspension systems making for a smoother ride. 


Sedans are typically preferred by those who want power and good looks. As a Nepali, though, a sedan should probably be the last choice for your first car. They have a long body, and can potentially be a challenge for new drivers. At the same time, they are known to have bad resale value in Nepal. 


These days, compact SUVs are becoming highly competitive and offer a lot of features and comforts such as the Nissan Magnite, available at 29 lakhs, or the Hyundai venue at 36 lakhs. 


Firsthand Or Secondhand  




There are a few benefits to buying a secondhand vehicle as your first car. A secondhand car has gone through the biggest curve of depreciation, which takes place in the first few years. So, you will be able to save quite a bit of money for a car through which you will be learning the ropes.


You won’t have to worry about causing a few dents and scratches along the way, as you paid a lower price on it to start with. Once you’ve understood the ins and outs of owning a car, you may realize that another model would suit your needs better and sell the vehicle at a better rate than a first-hand car.


At the same time, if you’re confident about your knowledge and needs, then you can buy a first-hand car and experience the joy of breaking it in yourself. 


Set A Budget




Set a budget for your first car. Established models at the lowest range currently start at around 22 lakhs, with 800 cc models such as the Suzuki Alto and the Datsun Redi-Go. However, if you are willing to leap into some eclectic choices, budget options in the EV market start for as low as 19.5 lakhs. The best value for money options are available around the 30 lakh range. 


Petrol, Diesel Or EV 


The majority of four-wheelers on the market come in two basic variants: petrol and diesel engines. There are some distinct differences between these two that merit some thought.


The diesel variant will always be more expensive than the petrol one. But in exchange for that, you will get a heartier engine with more torque. Additionally, you will also be spending less on fuel as diesel is cheaper than petrol. 




However, a diesel engine will also be louder and possibly produce more vibrations. So, take all these factors into consideration, and consider if the cheaper fuel cost of a diesel engine will work out for you in the long run. 


Also, electric vehicles are all the rage nowadays. There are way more choices nowadays and at every price range with a number of new models being introduced in the Nepali market this year. 


The best benefit you get from taking the leap to the growing EV market is the minimal maintenance costs. And many options nowadays offer 300+ km of range on a single charge, which is enough to get you from Kathmandu to Pokhara in any case. 


Resale Value


As you begin to narrow down your potential choices, there is one crucial point that you have to pay attention to — the resale value. Resale values in Nepal don’t follow a linear pattern and a lot of variables come into play. The most major ones are the brand itself and the market share of any particular model. 


For example, the i10 has become the most desired hatchback in the Nepali market, and one of the most common choices for a first vehicle. Similarly, sedans command a typically low resale value as there isn’t much demand for them in the Nepali market. 




Well, these are some key tips you have to keep in mind to buy your first car in Nepal. Do you have any other tips for first-time buyers? Follow us on Facebook and let us know in the comments. 


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