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8 Best Hiking Places Near Kathmandu

Kathmandu can get you caught up in the hustle and bustle and the chaos. Without even realizing, you might be craving for a break. But nature might be a hard thing to find in this city of (houses). Thankfully, there are some amazing beautiful places near us which we can always escape to. What’s even better is that numerous places are perfect for hiking near Kathmandu!

Here are 8 hiking places near Kathmandu. 

1. Nagarkot

With its breathtaking natural beauty, Nagarkot is already considered a popular hiking place near Kathmandu. You can catch a bus or drive till Sankhu and that’s where the hike starts. The hike can take a total of 4-5 hours and definitely isn’t the easiest route. But, it’s worth it when you’re surrounded by the luscious green forests along with the incredible view of Mt Everest and other mountain ranges. 

You can also pay a visit to the sacred Panchmeshwori temple which falls on the way of the hiking trail. After you hike your way up, you can even stay in some really nice hotels with great services. 

2. Pilot Baba

Pilot Baba has recently become a popular destination amongst Nepali people for going on short picnics with family and friends. For a change, you can try hiking upto Pilot Baba, along with the breathtaking view of deep forests which is definitely worth experiencing. To reach Pilot Baba, you’ll first have to take a bus for Surya Binayak and get off at the Doleshwor Mahadev bus stop. 

After walking along fairly busy roads for 1km, you’ll reach the Suryabinayak Temple. From here on, all you’ll see is clean roads and a constant view of the vast sky. Then, it’s not long till you reach the Pilot Baba ashram and enter with a 20-rupee fee. If you want to keep moving after visiting the ashram, you can head to the nearby Ghyampe Danda to relax your body for a bit. 

3. Namobuddha

To reach Namobuddha, you’ll have to take a bus from Ratnapark to Dhulikhel or drive to Dhulikhel yourself. The hike then starts from Dhulikhel where you hike uphill to Kavrekot, passing the Kaali temple and reach Namobuddha. The hike is said to take approximately 6 hours, after which you can hike down to Panauti. 

Some people also follow a different route starting at the Panauti bus park. From there, after half an hour of walking, you can go towards khopasi followed by Namobuddha being your next destination. You’ll get a chance to visit various religious monuments, especially the Buddhist pilgrimage Namobuddha. 

4. Dukkuchhap-Tikabhairab

If you’re looking to enjoy a hike that’s a bit distance from the usual haunts, Tikabhairav should offer you a fun adventure while still allowing you to return home for dinner. The Tikabhairav trail is situated in a remote area of Lalitpur district, and you need to catch an early bus to Dukkuchap Bus Park from Lalitpur Bus Park. You will reach the start of the hiking trail after an hour of bus travel. The Tikabhairav hike will give you scenic views of Dakshinkhali, Pharping, and most of the southern side of Kathmandu. 

5. Bishnudwar

Located inside the Shivapuri National Park, Bishnudwar seems to be a hidden gem amongst the nearby hiking places in Kathmandu. The almost 3 hour hike is considered to be beginner friendly, and you can either take a shortcut, or enter through the national park’s gate. Although the main gate charges you a hundred rupees ticket, you get to experience beautiful sights of nature all along the way, which you will miss out on with the shortcut.

You’ll come across tiny streams of water and a number of waterfall along the way. And you’ll get to experience a calmness only nature can provide. 

6. Sundarijal

Following the same route as above, we can reach Sundarijal by first entering the Shivapuri National park. People have praised the hiking trail to be great for birdwatching and for its captivating natural sight.The hike can take upto 5 to 6 hours and people usually start by spending some time at the waterfall near to the starting point. Now fully energized, you can head above to the Sundarimai temple along with the Sundarijal dam. 

You’ll find Sundarijal full of natural water resources, and people even drink straight from the crystal clear streams of water. Sundarijal has a large waterfall too which people look forward to the most. You can find peace even in the crowd with this heavenly place. If you feel a bit more adventurous, you can even try out the Sundarijal to Chisapani hiking route. 

7. Champadevi

Champadevi is a important Hindu shrine located on the southeastern side of Kathmandu district. It is easily the most rewarding single-day trek within the Kathmandu area, and definitely should be at the top of your list if you plan on taking up hiking as a hobby. The Champadevi hiking trail can also lead you to the Chandragiri hill, which is of course a popular travel destination within Kathmandu and offers rewarding views of its own.

You need to catch a bus to Dakshinkali in order to start off on this hike. You can easily find one at the Ratnapark Bus Park. The trail starts off at the Khahare Bus Stop. 

8. Shivapuri-Kakani

Kakani is one of the most glorious destinations for sightseeing within Kathmandu valley. A small village situated to the northwest of Kathmandu city, Kakani lies on the way to the Langtang range and offers unbelievable views of some peaks and mountain ranges including the Langtang mountain range, Ganesh mountain range, Mt Annapurna, Mt Manaslu, and others. The destination is also famous for its fresh Himalayan Trout and strawberry farms. While you can easily take a vehicle to the village, you can also hike to Kakani through the Shivapuri National Park. It’s best to make this an overnight stay if you want to best of the hiking experience as well as sightseeing at Kakani.

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