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7 Adventure Sports Every Adrenaline Junkie Should Try In Nepal

Saisha Dixit
17th August 2021 Read time: 3 mins

There is no shortage of activities that tourists (international or domestic) can indulge in in Nepal, and a huge chunk of those activities fall under adventure sports. Being a hilly country, the terrain is a perfect setup for various types of adrenaline-pumping activities, and Nepal has been able to take good advantage of that fact. So from trekking to skydiving, you can do it all here!


Here are the 7 most popular adventure sports every adrenaline junkie should try.


Bungee Jumping


We’re sure bungee jumping is an adventure sport that needs no introduction, and also one that many people have tried already. But if for some reason you haven’t already, what are you waiting for? The most popular bungee destination is the Last Resort in Bhotekoshi, but you have more options at Pokhara and Kusma as well. While bungee jumping does have some restrictions on height, weight, and other potential safety hazards, it does not require any formal training or practice like one would think. The price varies between the sites but the range is between Rs. 4500 to Rs. 10,000.



Rafting and Kayaking


With how many rivers Nepal has, it is natural that water sports would be a popular leisure activity here. Rafting and kayaking are definitely not for the faint of heart, but you should definitely try it if you think you can handle it. The adrenaline rush one gets from being swept away by the white water current is unreal. You have tons of places to choose from too, as rafting is available at Trishuli, Gandaki, Seti, Bhotekoshi, and more rivers around the country. It can cost from Rs. 3000 to 8000 for a few hours of rafting.





Paragliding has been travelers’ go-to adventure when they visit Pokhara for a while now, and we can totally see why. Soaring through the air while enjoying a beautiful view of the snowcapped mountains does indeed sound magical. Although Pokhara is not the only option available if you want to go Paragliding, you can also do so at Godawari, Phulchowki, Chapakharka, and Kot Danda. It should cost you between Rs. 8000 to Rs. 15,000.





Ziplining is a comparatively new addition to Nepal’s adventure sports lineup, but is pretty popular regardless. If zipping downhill at the maximum speed of around 140 kmph from the top of a hill while enjoying the snowcapped backdrop sounds appealing to you, then the zipline is a must-try for you. You can try it at Pokhara and Dhulikhel at upwards of Rs. 3000.


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Mountain Biking


If you’re a biking enthusiast, then renting a bike and exploring the trails with a map in hand is the best way to explore Nepal. There are many trails that are ‘hidden’ and sport some of the most beautiful views of rare flora and fauna. Not to mention if you’re an extreme adrenaline junkie, the winding trials will prove a fun challenge.





Skydiving in Nepal is definitely a unique experience; really, it’s not every day one gets to enjoy the view of both hills and mountains while zooming up in the air. Although the cost for this one is pretty steep, we do recommend skydiving in Nepal at least once in your life. You can do so at Pokhara and the Everest area for an upward of $999.


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Here’s another activity that needs no introduction. Trekking is one of the most popular and affordable adventure sports in Nepal. There are various trails with striking views and all levels of difficulty you can pursue whether you’re a beginner or an expert. While it does require some level of practice and a lot of stamina, the payoff is always worth it when you reach your destination. It’s also equally popular among domestic and international tourists.


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