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9 Adventurous Cycling Routes Around Kathmandu Every Cycling Enthusiast Should Try

Saisha Dixit
16th August 2021 Read time: 3 mins

One positive of the pandemic is that many of us have picked up hobbies that we otherwise would not have, cycling being one of them. It’s a healthy, fun, and eco-friendly hobby that should be encouraged, and luckily many Kathmandu citizens can be spotted cycling in the morning these days. 


So if you’re a cyclist looking for more trails to consider visiting, here are 9 trails you’ll have fun cycling through.


Note: The pictures are only for reference.


Chobar Trail


There are many trails for you to cycle around the peaceful streets of Chobar, but the best one has to be Thamel – Kirtipur – Chobar – Bungamati – Khokana. Follow the Balkhu route to reach Kirtipur from Thamel and enjoy the peaceful (in the mornings mostly) road ahead!



Champadevi Trail


This is more like Chobar trail 2.0 since your journey will begin there. From Chobar take the Bansbari route and head up to Champadevi Hill. This path is not an easy one since the trail uphill is rough, but if you go there on a sunny day, the view will absolutely be worth it.



Lakuri Bhanjyang Trail


This trail starts at Patan and works its way up to Lubhu and Lakuri Bhanjyang. While the ascent might be slightly tough, you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful view without straying too far away from the city. You can also cycle up the Lakuri Bhanjyang Resort that sits in the midst of the forest if you want to spend a peaceful day out with your friends.



Changunarayan trail


Changunaryan to Gokarna (or to Changunaryan from anywhere else since it’s a versatile start point) can be an adventurous journey for cyclists. The hilltop ascent at Changunaryan is somewhat difficult, but can be a fun challenge and great practice if you want to move on to more difficult terrains.



Jarsing Pauwa Trail


Jarsing Pauwa is already a pretty popular picnic destination due to its lush greenery, so cycling through here will be a real delight. You can follow to the Nargarkot – Sankhu trial and pass through this foresty trail. You can also stop here for a while and take a breather since the air here is pretty crisp. The journey up here is just the right amount of challenging for experienced cyclists.



Mudkhu trail


This trial is more fun and relaxing. Starting off from the busy roads of Thamel, cycle up to the pleasant roads of Mudkhu and reach the lovely ancient town of Tokha. This is the perfect route to take if you want to clear your head for a few hours.  



The Scar Road


This one is for the risk takers. The trail starts with a relatively steep climb to Kakani and only gets harder as you go higher, although you can make frequent stops and admire the view. The journey up to Shivapuri National Park is no joke and the descent is even steeper. But if you make it back safely, this will be one of the most satisfying and fulfilling rides you’ll have taken.



Kapan Trail


This ride starts at the easy streets of Thamel and amps up in difficulty as you reach Budhanilkantha and Shivapuri. Although this trail features some sweeping single trials, smooth descents, and has much to see, so the difficulty is worth it. It’s a journey veteran cyclists will enjoy.



Bhatte Danda


The journey starts from Satdobato and works uphill to Bhatte Danda in Lalitpur. There is much to see from up here; along with a beautiful view of the Kathmandu valley, you can also see the radar tower that Tribhuwan International Airport uses, and visit the Kot Danda Organic Village Resort since it’s nearby.



Have you cycled through these trails? Do you recommend them? Tell us in the comments. Follow us on Facebook at Yeti Yap for more.


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