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Things To Do: 10 Exciting Activities To Do On A Date In Kathmandu

Nischal Niraula
2nd August 2021 Read time: 2 Mins


You know, when we think of dates, our horizon tends to get narrowed down to cliched coffee dates and lengthy lunches. Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with catching up with your date over a cup of coffee, but these dates can quickly get monotonous with conversations swaying on the surfacial side. Thankfully, there are plenty of exciting activities where you can have a jolly good time while getting to know your date better.


So, if you are tired of visiting Himalayan Java on every other date, we’ve gathered some interesting and overlooked ideas for dating around Kathmandu valley.


1. Go For A Game Of Bowling


The best part about going bowling on a date is that the worse you are at the game, the better your date goes. The music, the colorful shoes and the ambiance — bowling allows you to be goofy and removes all the awkwardness in the air. So, if you are up for a goofy romantic time, head on to the bowling alley situated inside City Centre. 


Price: 600 



2. Go On A Hike 


Time to put your lovely legs to use. Grab a bag, pack some water, add some snacks and go on a hike. The outskirts of our valley offer plenty of short but satisfying hiking routes, like Shivapuri National Park. Not only will you get to know your date better while soaking in majestic views, the hike will also reveal their level of stamina. *Wink wink* 


Price Range: Rs 500



Volunteer To Help


Why not impress your date by showing that softer side of yours and giving back to the society? It doesn’t have to be too big a task either. You can pay a visit to old age home and offer the forgotten folks the gift of your company. Or you can just feed the stray dogs living around your area.  


Price Range: Depends On Your Generosity 



Go Bouncing In Jump KTM


Tired of adulting? Unleash that inner child of yours and head to Jump KTM located in Mandikatar. The recently opened trampoline park will have you and your date giddy, jumping with joy. You can also try to jump together in sync while holding hands if you feel like adding romance to the bouncy affair.  


Price Range: Rs 800 - Rs 1000 Per Person 



Go For Archery


Shooting medieval weapons may not top the list of dating activities for most people. But in the world of dating, it’s always good to stand out. Best Archery located in Jhamsikhel offers a spacious archery range and the activity will definitely give you a rush of adrenaline. And who knows, maybe a cupid will shoot his arrow into your hearts as the two of you bond at the archery range.


Price Range: Rs 800 - Rs 1000 



Take A Street Food Tour


Forget the fancy restaurants and take a stroll through the streets of Asan. Follow the aroma exuded by freshly fried pakoda, spicy chhoila and countless other foods offered in local stalls. And if you happen to be in competitive mood, you can even challenge your date on a Pani Puri eating contest.


Price Range: Depends On How Big A Foodie You Are 



Find Your Way Out Of A Maze


And if you’d rather tease your brain, try giving Mirror Maze, Kumaripati a shot. Put your chemistry to test and see if you and your date can work together to find your way out of the maze.


Price Range: Rs 200 Per Person 



Serenade Your Date At Karaoke


And if just listening to music feels uneventful to you, why become a performer instead. Book yourself a room at Thamel’s Colors Karaoke and duet with your date to romantic numbers.


Price Range: Rs 800 - Rs 1200



Tick Off Your Kathmandu Bucket List


There are many of us who never got the opportunity to climb atop Dharara before it was destroyed in the 2015 devastating earthquake. But now that the beautiful tower is rebuilt, the fate us offered us a second chance to cross climbing Dharara off our bucket list. But why stop at Dharara? Kathmandu has plenty of historical buildings, fascinating museums and serene parks just waiting to be discovered. So, why not cross all these destinations off your bucket list alongside your date?


Price Range: Depends On Places You Visit 



Enjoy Some Live Music


The stars have aligned in your favor. You and your date share a similar taste of music. Don’t let this mutual interest go to waste. Head on to local pubs in Jhamsikhel or Thamel, grab a couple of cold ones, and relish in the music you both love.


Price Range: Rs 600 + 



Well, we hope these activities spice up your dating lives. And if you enjoyed scrolling through the article, consider following Yeti Yap for more of such content. 


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