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8 Unique Tea Shops In Kathmandu You Have To Visit

Rajiv Prajapati
17th November 2021 Read time: 2 mins

For Nepalis, a piping hot cup of tea is a universal pastime. You will never find a Nepali who doesn’t enjoy a cup of tea over some conversations. In the past few years, entrepreneurs have sought to give a new twist to this age-old pastime by offering new and interesting varieties of tea to tea-drinkers.


From matka tea to tea prepared in pressure cookers, here are 8 tea establishments around Kathmandu valley that you should definitely visit. 


Chiya Ghar


If you’re looking for a smart, inviting ambiance with a varied drinks menu, then Chiya Ghar is the place for you. Starting with the classic matka tea, you can get a variety of different teas like fruit tea, the chiyaccino, the Himalayan tea that costs Rs. 300. You can even check out their menu on their website. Chiya Ghar has multiple outlets in areas like Mid Baneshwor, Kumaripati, and Pepsicola too. 


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Established by film professional Ganesh Dev Pandey, this is a dainty little spot situated in Shankhamul. For Pandey, Chiyawala is a callback to his father’s profession of selling tea, and it shows — in his menu, which has items like Ghanashyam special, which is an attempt to recreate his father’s tea recipe. You can get over 30 varieties of tea at this place, which also has a branch in Butwal. 


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Chiya Adda


Chiya Adda is a matka tea joint situated amidst the busy hubbub of New Baneshwor, with a branch in Lazimpat. Besides their famous matka tea, you can also visit this place for its amazing food dishes. 


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Amogh Cafe


Amogh Cafe has something of an underground following for its creamy milk tea. The cafe is hidden from plain view despite sitting right beside the Kalikasthan main road. Once you sit down for a chat at Amogh Cafe, you won’t leave before finishing a few more cups of their signature milk tea. 



Ketali Chiya


As you might guess from its name, Ketali Chiya is famous for its authentic kettle tea. You can also enjoy a delicious food menu in its outdoor seating location that is cut off from the road area. This cafe is situated in Shantinagar and has a rustic ambiance that will set you and your companion at ease. 



Tukighar Fruit Tea


Tukighar Fruit Tea has an elaborate menu that features more than 100 tea varieties including teas of dry fruit, hibiscus, rose, chrysanthemum, and many more. This establishment is housed in Panipokhari, Lazimpati. 



Cooker Coffee


Cooker Coffee in Aloknagar is the place in Kathmandu that you want to visit for a special brew — coffee prepared in pressure cookers. Sounds strange, until you try it!



The Chiya Spot

The Chiya Spot in Kumaripati specializes in tea drinks that should feel quite familiar to the Nepali palate. Their specials include milk masala tea, tandoori tea, and a nut tea served in your familiar matkas. 


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Well, these are some unique tea places around Kathmandu that you can try on your next day out. Meanwhile, let us know your favorite tea shops in the comments section of this post!


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