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7 Theatre Houses In Kathmandu That Are Keeping Theatre Alive

Rajiv Prajapati
28th September 2021 Read time: 2 mins

We Nepalis have a lot of rich heritage which informs our taste in art to this very day. As evidence of this heritage, we have a thriving industry in a variety of artistic sectors. One of these includes drama, which is an artform that successfully touches the hearts of every person who experiences it. 


The city of Kathmandu has its own thriving theatre scene that continues to explore creations by playwrights domestic and foreign. Here are 7 theatre houses in Kathmandu that are keeping the theatre tradition alive.


Katha Ghera


As true passionate artists, Katha Ghera’s focus is spread across educating as well as on staging plays. They regularly host workshop programs for professional actors as well as for younger performers and these have become something of a staple in the theatre community.


Katha Ghera stages its shows at its own theatre space in Teku, which is called the Kausi Theatre. As a theatre enthusiast, it's a venue you have to experience at least once. Katha Ghera is also the group responsible for hosting the Vagina Monologues events. 



Mandala Theatre


Mandala Theatre, situated in Anamnagar, is a highly prolific theatre house in the valley, staging at least 6 plays in 2021 alone. Their productions are known for amazing theatrics that heighten the experience every time. Mandala is especially focused towards stories from the diverse cultural strata of Nepal, and seeks to preserve the indigenous theatrical forms of Nepal too.


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Theatre Village 


Theatre Village is a non-profit organization with an aim to uplift and even redefine the Nepali theatre scene. As such, you will find this organization promoting all kinds of Nepali theatre productions, researching on the history of Nepali theatre, and regularly organizing theatre tours and festivals to create an exchange of theatre experiences across cultures. 


Established in 2009 by a group of international artists, Theatre Village productions are regularly composed of cast and crew from multiple geographical boundaries.



Shilpee Theatre


The Shilpee Theatre Group showcases its performances out of a cozy establishment at Battisputali, called Gothale Theatre. This is a venue that also hosts its own library, cafe, and bookstore too. 


Shilpee Theatre is focused towards staging plays that raise the voices of marginalized communities. Registered as an NGO, this group has also used novel theatre practices such as forum theatre to help marginalized groups speak out against their issues. 


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Sarwanam Theatre


Sarwanam Theatre had its start in the oppressive Panchayat days, four decades ago. In that time period, this group has staged performances in foreign countries, popularized the street drama and the playback theatre technique, and established its own research center. 


Their productions have a distinct style that emphasizes mime-like symbolic movements. Sarwanam also focuses on social issues in the material that they choose to display. 


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Gurukul Theatre 


Gurukul Theatre was established in 2002 by Sunil Pokharel, who is often considered to be a ke pioneer in the theatre scene of Nepal. Also known as Aarohan-Gurukul Theatre, this organization also started the very first theatre school in Nepal.


This theatre house typically stages Nepali plays and foreign plays reimagined in the Nepali context. 



One World Theatre


One World Theatre is a theatre house that stages plays in the English language. Operated by a multinational team, their performances include original productions, works by South-Asian playwrights, and also plays from American canon. 


If you’re looking to experience classic plays staged right here in Kathmandu, then One World Theatre will give you that opportunity. 


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Well, these are some of the popular theatre houses that are based in Kathmandu. There is no shortage of opportunities for the budding theatre enthusiast to experience the artform in its full glory in this city. 


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