15 Childhood Memories 00’s Nepali Kids Can Relate To

Nepali kids, the 00’s was something, wasn’t it? The maoist insurgency was in full-swing, the King was being dethroned and amidst all this, we, the 2000’s kids were playing Antakshari to pass the time during loadsheddings. 

So, if you remember growing up in those strange days, you’ll find these memories very relatable. Here’s to reliving your childhood.

You’ve Lived Through 20+ Hours Of LoadShedding

You found ways to pass the time without any modern means of entertainment. You’re a MadLad.

You And Your Friends Didn’t Have A Cellphone

You communicated over the landline once and managed to meet in the designated spot at the exact time. What kind of sorcery is this?

Sharing A Seat With Someone Of Opposite Sex Was A Punishment

What was all that about? Now, we’re wishing we could get these punishments as adults.

Speaking Of Punishments, Remember How Our Schools Normalized Physical Abuse?

It’s crazy how casual it was for grown ups to beat up little kids.

Saturday Afternoons Were Reserved For Bollywood Movies

Before Netflix or YouTube became a thing, you had to rely on NTV to show you an action-packed Bollywood movie.

Thursday Nights Were Dedicated To Tito Satya

And you laughed your ass off watching it.

You Remember The Iconic Catchy Tune Of Radio City 98.8

Also, remember when Radios were a thing?

Speaking Of Things That Aren’t A Thing Anymore

Remember playing ‘Bomb Blast’ and ‘Sekkai’ with this bad boy?

‘Antakshari’ And ‘Name, Place, Animal, Thing’ Was A Major Source Of Entertainment

You had your ways of combating the boredom.

You Played Some Of The Best Videogames

GTA: Vicecity, Age Of Empires, Delta Force and the list goes on.

You’re One Of The Last Generations Of Kids To Be Taught With Blackboard And Chalk  

First, replaced by whiteboard and marker. Now, by Powerpoint slides.

You Heard And Possibly Spread The Rumors That Blue Part Of The Eraser Erases Ink

But it never did.

You Were Excited For Your Promotion From Pencil To Pen

Writing with a pen seemed like a huge responsibility. 

Major Decisions Were Taken With The Help Of Rock, Paper, Scissors

Hey! Some of us still do that.

You didn’t Have Much Money

Again! Some of us still don’t!

We’re sure there are plenty more 00’s kids memory we missed out on. Remind us by leaving a comment below! 

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