How Life Is Actually Like For A Nepalese In Australia? Read 10 Firsthand Experiences

Australia is a major destination for Nepali students seeking a better education and prospects in life. What seems to attract all these students is the research-based approach Australian universities take. Not only do Nepali students achieve excellent degrees and in-depth knowledge in their respective majors, they also get to work on their own, earning for themselves.  

On the face of it, it may seem too good to be true. Anyone who aspires to move to Australia should definitely understand the realities of moving to the country. There is a lot of hard work involved in finding stability.  

Not everybody living in Australia has the same experiences. A number of different factors affect the kind of experience you will have — from the scholarships you receive to the place where you live. So, if you’re thinking of going to Australia, we suggest you check out the experiences of people already out there — ranging of all kinds.  

Here are 11 different experiences and tips from Nepali students studying in Australia.  

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1. Endless Opportunities 

“I was amazed to see the sheer size and quality of the education that the university here provides. My wife studied at an expensive uni in Sydney and I followed her to her uni and was dumbfounded by the amenities that they provided. 

It was then that I decided to pursue my Masters in Australia and here I am starting my Masters next month post 30. 

I do not have any regrets but be forever grateful for the opportunities this place has provided.” 

— u/Final-Comfortable362 

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2. Useful Information! 

“Cigarettes here are WAYYYYY expensive. So better quit before you come here.” 

— u/motorboatingAfish_


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3. Now That’s A Con!  

“Pros: You’re not in Nepal anymore

Cons: There are nosy Nepalese here too.” 

— u/esewakhalti2point0 


4. The Perfect Plan 

“Story of a software engineer. 2 years of masters, and I jumped from earning 300k NPR (annualy) to 150k AUD. However, can’t wait to pay my mortgage here, put it to rent , go back to Nepal and spend the rest of my life back home. In the words of Akshay Kumar, ‘Everything is planning’.” 

— u/i_Warchild


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5. Hard Work Gets You Results  

“I came over on a student visa, I got another visa after couple of months after I arrived. All the horror stories you hear about students in Australia are mostly true but being said that, it’s not all hardship. You get to do some pretty cool stuff as well; you will have to work your ass off, students usually will work more than 40 hours a week as they have to save up for their tuition fee and their living expense. 

After you have a PR (or any visa that will let you work full time), it’s gets easier.” 



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6. Be Open To Experiencing Any Type Of Job  

“When I was starting my undergraduates in the information system, I got a manual labor job like cleaning the park, Kitchenhand, and housekeeping. I was 18 at that time and I didn’t limit myself in one job during my 2/3 year I have changed many Job location and places got experience in various field of hospitality. 


Experience and dedication, fast learning abilities matters a lot, and try to understand multicultural people from around the world especially Colombian, Vietnamese’s, Chinese, Indian and Filipino are our common society and we will be surrounded with them in maximum places and ohh yea Aussies are there always and making Aussie friends can improve your communication in amazing levels where you will be ..in that place where u wanted to …. 

This day, I am working in a reputable franchise called mrKrackles as a chef in my part-time job and also doing part-time Personal care assistant(PCA) in Aged care. I am happy with what I am doing …and career-changing and gaining experience is my main motto ….” 

— u/Basu Bhandari 

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7. Patience Is The Key! 

“Every Nepalese student who comes to Australia has to struggle for a few years for a better lifestyle. Being myself a Nepalese student I know how hard it is to survive in Australia. you have to manage your work, your uni assignments, your sleeping time and all. every newcomer starts his/her life here being unemployed for a week or a few months too. the one who gets the job early is one of the luckiest person but who doesn’t get the job starts to suffer. 

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In common, the job students get is the cleaning, kitchen hand, housekeeping, car wash, marketing and more. The job seems to be classified according to the gender if we see the kitchen handjobs and car wash job are more preferably for the boys cause these jobs need more effort and physical ability. girls also do these jobs but only a few seem to be engaged on these. Furthermore, housekeeping, cleaning, and marketing are more preferably for the girls. boys also have a majority on these works too. Mac Donalds, KFC, Hungry jacks, Oporto, Woolworth, Aldi, Chemist warehouse, ubereats delivery are also quite common among both the genders 

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Talking about me, I got a job in a carwash after being unemployed for a month. I continued to work in a car wash for a few months and then I got work as a kitchen hand and currently continuing the same job. If you have good communication skills and your resume is attractive enough then you can get a job in some retail shops and also get work at companies like Vodafone, Telstra, etc. 

Think positive, none of the jobs are bad jobs.” 


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8. Making Connections Is Important Too 

“After graduation, if you don’t have skills, you’ll have to struggle to get a decent job. Just because you have a Bachelor/Master’s degree issued by an Australian university, you will not get a job in Australia. After their Bachelor’s / Master’s degree, thousands of international students are doing odd jobs (Taxi driving, cleaning, etc.) in Australia.

To get a decent job, an international student must have:

a. Excellent English

b. Expertise in the area of study. So if you have done a ” Master in Software Engineering,” you should have in-depth knowledge of the latest issues in the software industry.

c. Good networking

d. Preferably—- a few small projects completed during the study. 

e. Good references”

— u/David Shrestha  

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9. Perfectly Summed Up

“Ups and downs, mate.” 

— u/santosh977 


10. Do Your Research!  

“I came in Australia as a student in 2005. I will write the following points which may help:

a. You have to know the environment first before you come in here. Know what the lifestyle is here. Plenty of YouTube videos now a days

b. Prepare to any kinds jobs if possible. If you have already good job back home. It is not always sure that you get same job in here. When I came in here I started with cleaning jobs.

c. Do not expect from anyone. From your relatives to friends. You are in your own now. Man does not live on their breads alone. So struggle is real. 


And Save Your Money 

d. If you are student then forget your goodnight sleep. Or talking to your bf/gf whole night. It will not happen in here.

e. Do not go arounds with lots of Nepalese communities and events. They are penny pinchers. Try to save as much money as you can. You will thank me later for this.

f. Do not convert the money you earn in Australia with Nepal. You earn what you need to pay.”

— u/Kishan Dulal  

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11. Swimming Is A Crucial Skill To Know

“I’m not a student anymore but Nepali students in Australia are really hardworking because there are a lot of expenses to consider. There’s a lot that needs to be done in regards to taking care of personal safety, there are different challenges in Australia. A big one is actually swimming, so many Nepali students have drowned in rivers, lakes and beaches because they can’t swim but take risks. There were several tragic ones last year. Many students also turn to alcohol and there have been a few suicides as well due to stress. 

But at the end of the day, heaps of Nepali people as they start working and finish studying have ended up being extremely successful. So the hard work will pay off in the end. “ 

— u/le_alliance 

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So, are you serious about moving to Australia for your degree? Visit the Australian Education Exhibition by Global Reach Nepal — happening in three different cities in July. Sign up for free consultation by clicking on the respective links — Pokhara (Thursday, July 21); Chitwan (Friday, July 22); Kathmandu (Saturday, July 23). 


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